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State of LSSHRM Report January 2020

               My last report on LSSHRM was 1/17 and I commented on the first year of my Presidency that had brought our Chapter back from the brink.  Today as I again assume the Presidency for 2020 our Chapter is strong financially, our membership is growing and view of LSSRM’s role in Lake and Sumter is expanding.

               This expansion is based on the refocusing of our mission and the focus of our parents HR Florida and SHRM.  Our combined focus is moving from an association aimed at strengthening the experience and abilities of our Human Resources Professionals to a focus on improving the Workplace as a whole.

               2020 brings many challenges to the workplace in Lake and Sumter County and we believe the expertise to meet those challenges can best be addressed by the use of excellent HR practices and experience sharing that LSSHRM supports.  That experience, knowledge and ability is not limited to HR professionals but is exercised every day by many people at different levels in our organizations.

               Some of LSSHRM’s  goals in 2020 is to open up our membership to non-professionals who face the challenges of the workplace and to become the resource that our communities can come to for help on solving issues in the workplace.

               Our Chapter is active in HR Florida and SHRM and provide opportunities to our members to volunteer in the organizations and gain experience far beyond our area.  In these organizations Lake Sumter SHRM is called a small but mighty chapter!

               So if you are looking for joyous organization that you can, through education and networking, make your workplace and your work life and personal life more fun…Join Us!

Eric Scott Bowers

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